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Our Stolen Car Was Returned...

Having lived nine years (1969-1978) in a small rural community with a population of 925, we were used to leaving our house unlocked and the keys in the car’s ignition. When we moved in 1978 to Brownsville, TX (198,900 pop. in 1978), we did the same.

Two months later, I (Myrna) was asked to become the director of a private Christian school. Each day I would park my new 1978 Impala with the keys in the ignition in the church parking lot. One day the pastor cautioned me saying, “Myrna, leaving those keys in your car will get it stolen.” I listened, but I forgot. And sure enough, my car was stolen.

Gayle came immediately to the school, and we prayed a simple prayer, “Lord, return our car.” We filed a stolen car report with the police department, contacted our insurance, and left it in God’s hands.

About a month later Gayle had been instructed by the insurance company to seek a replacement for our stolen car. He found one on a Friday and was supposed to pick it up on Monday. After Sunday church I said, “Gayle, take me to see the new car we’re getting.” The car dealership was a block away. As we drove around the block, I exclaimed, “There’s our stolen car in the storage lot of the dealership.”

Gayle, who was so looking forward to getting the new car the next day, said to me, “No way that can be our car.” So, he drove around the block to see if it was, all the time shaking his head in disbelief and remarking, “If a pink elephant was crossing the road, you’d never see it. That certainly can’t be our car.” It was. We immediately checked with the police department and found that the car had been found the same day it was stolen…the exact day we prayed. OUR STOLEN CAR WAS RETURNED! God answered our prayer!

if we ask anything according to his will, he hears us." 1 John 5:14

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