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Dr. Gayle & Myrna Brogdon

Founders, GOD STORIES And More

Welcome to GOD STORIES & More, a website dedicated to encouraging, inspiring, and bringing hope to people from all walks of life. Our platform features:


  • God Stories (Books 1-7): Downloadable booklets (English and Spanish) containing hundreds of uplifting stories and messages written by ordinary people about their extraordinary experiences with God.

  • Rack Cards: True stories and messages on 4"x 9" cards (2-sided) perfect for sharing one-on-one or displaying in public spaces like hotels, churches, restaurants, businesses, and offices. Order them on our Rack Cards page.

  • Blog: Regularly updated with individual true stories and messages to bring hope and inspiration to your day. Many use them as a devotional to start their day.

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With Christ's love,

Gayle & Myrna 

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