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Rack Cards

Our 4"x 9" Rack Cards (2-sided, English/Spanish) feature true stories and encouraging messages written by ordinary people about the extraordinary things God has done in their lives. These cards are a powerful gospel tool to encourage, inspire, and bring hope to others. Each card has a QR code that links to the God Stories page where readers can find more stories and download Books 1-8 (English/Spanish).


Ways to Share:

  • Hand out one-on-one: Carry Rack Cards with you and give them out to others as you go about your day.

  • Use in goodie bags: Add a few snacks and a Rack Card to create a thoughtful gift.

  • Display in high-traffic areas: Ask permission to place Rack Cards in literature racks at businesses, offices, hotels, restaurants, and more.


Example ideas:

  • Give a Rack Card to your server with a generous tip.

  • Addiction counselors can use Set #3 ("Rising from Addiction" and "Set Free") with their clients.

  • Share with others at the drive-thru, doctor's office, bank, or anywhere you go!

Remember to say, "Here's a gift for you! Have a wonderful day!" and spread some joy and hope!

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