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God's GPS

A time of fun, laughs and lots of prayers is what my siblings do each year together to celebrate family. My brother, Bobby and wife Kathy, Sondra (my sister) and I take off to different destinations each year, but the year of 2022 traveling to Little Rock, Arkansas was destined to be a God Assignment for the four of us.  As we started out on our adventure, it was a week of delicious food, laughing over family stories and watching our sister, Sondra witness to anyone that would listen to her tell the story of Jesus.  We would jump right in and help her share or pray as she would lead someone to the Lord out on the street, or in a hotel or at a restaurant.  But this particular day was GOD ORDAINED AS A PLANNED ENCOUNTER WITH 4 DIFFERENT PEOPLE THAT HE SET UP FOR SONDRA AND US TO BE A PART OF THEIR ANSWER TO PRAYER!


That morning we woke up all wanting to go to Wal-Mart.  So, I typed in on my phone’s GPS, “the nearest Wal-Mart to this location.”  And instantly up popped an address, so off we went to find the store.  We were just talking, laughing and reminiscing when I realized that we were going out of the city.  I said; “Don’t you think there would be a closer Wal-Mart to downtown Little Rock?”  I decided at this point to delete that map request and do it again.  So, I did and guess what?  Up popped the same direction as I had before.  So, we continued.


When our next instruction was given from Maps to exit the expressway, we ended up in a questionable part of the outskirts of the city.  It was a little bit scary and we all decided to go back to the hotel and forget Wal-Mart.  But at that moment we saw the huge WAL-MART sign up ahead so we headed in that direction.  We all went in, each getting our own cart and heading in different directions.  When I finished my shopping, I started looking for Sondra.  I turned a corner, looked down an aisle, and there was Sondra with her arms around a couple, huddled together, praying for them.  I came up and she was praying down heaven and the couple was weeping and kept saying, “God sent you here for us!”  It was an emotional goodbye as we all hugged and said we would keep praying for them.


Then it was off to 2 other people that Sondra shared with and we prayed for them.  Each person had a need for prayer and was saying; “God sent you here for me!” Even a cashier we prayed for as we were checking out.  Bobby and Kathy had also shared and prayed for someone that was in the store.  We left Wal-Mart praising God for His faithfulness in leading us to each of these people.  BUT NOTHING SURPRISED US MORE THAN WHEN WE GOT IN OUR CAR TO DRIVE BACK TO THE HOTEL AND WE PASSED 3 DIFFERENT WAL-MARTS ON THE OPPOSITE SIDE OF THE EXPRESSWAY CLOSER TO DOWNTOWN!


GOD USED HIS GPS on my phone, to direct us to those that needed encouragement and prayer!  Just remember that God will order your steps as you acknowledge Him, as He ordered ours!  GOD HAS HIS OWN GPS SYSTEM AND YOU AND I NEED TO BE TUNED IN TO THE HOLY SPIRIT TO HEAR HIS DIRECTIONS AND BE A PART OF SOMEONE’S MIRACLE!  THEY ARE WAITING FOR YOU!

“In all thy ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct thy paths.” Proverbs 3:5,6

Lynn Crow

Missionary to Mexico

Book 8, Day 11


Heartfelt Prayers & Stories


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