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Updated: Mar 29

A letter came in the mail. Our insurance company was not renewing our policy. At first, I was not concerned. We had set aside the money for our yearly premium and needed another insurance policy.

There was one small problem. I did not realize that there was significant storm damage on the back corner of our roof because I rarely go in the backyard. My husband climbed a ladder to take a picture. Not only were the shingles missing, the bare wood was exposed! No new insurance company was going to approve that for a policy. It was doubtful our insurance company pulling out of the area would pay to replace a 17-year-old roof!!

We discussed options and contacted roofers. We did not have the thousands of dollars it would cost for a new roof! Finally, we filed a claim on the advice of one roofer. After all, we did have storm damage. There wasn't much time to waste. Our policy was expiring in the middle of July. It was the middle of June. We were on vacation when the adjuster inspected the roof. The week after vacation, we received the decision! Our insurance company would replace the roof! We were amazed and so thankful! The roofer agreed to accept the assigned amount! We paid him our deductible. They got started the week before our insurance policy expired!

Because of that storm, not only did we get a new roof, we got more! Some fascia board that needed replacing and painting was included in the scope of work. Lastly, the new insurance policy was $500 less than what we would have paid to the company that was not renewing our policy!!! God does turn it around and causes everything to work together for our good!

“And we know that God causes all things to work together for good to those

who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose.” Roman's 8:28

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