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God Provides

Recently, I was encouraging a dear friend about God’s love and His interest in every facet of our lives. Specifically, we were talking about bills and monetary challenges, and she was hesitant in believing that God pays attention to such minor details. 


So, I told her that when I was about to complete my undergraduate degree, I was not working and lacking one more semester for my certification in elementary education.  My husband was providing for a family of four alone and he was broken-hearted when he told me he could not afford the $2,700 I lacked to pay for my final four courses in the spring. 


I am ashamed to admit that I cried.  Being first generation high school and college, I had worked hard to reach that specific point. Disappointment is all I felt, but I understood.  My husband said that if I sat out the spring semester, he could earn enough for me to return in the fall.  This seems like nothing, but to a pre-service teacher, missing just one semester could set one back an entire year.   When alone, I apologized to my Heavenly Father and told Him (like I told my husband earlier) that I understood.  Most importantly, I confessed that I accept His will and that all comes in His time, not mine. I let it go.


A couple days later, my Bilingual Education mentor asked me if I was taking her class in the spring, and I confided why I would not return.  She immediately said, “No, you will not sit out next semester! We just had a Dean’s meeting and I saw your name on a list of students with high grade point averages. They want to give you money.” I just stood there in her office, shocked.  I watched and listened to her call the Dean’s assistant to find out how much they were giving me in scholarship.  I almost fainted when I saw her write down the amount the Dean was giving me…it was $2,700, exactly the amount needed.  I walked that stage in May, and to this day I still get chills and tickled by how God used such a random number to prove that HE cares about every single aspect of our lives.


“And my God will supply every need of yours according

to his riches in glory in Christ Jesus.” Philippians 4:19

Yvette Perez

Kingsville, TX

Book 8, Day 25


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