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Updated: Mar 29

Valentine's Day. It's known for being a day of love. People buy their sweethearts and loved ones roses to tell them how much they're loved and remembered on that day. My husband, Alex, loved doing romantic things for me. My birthday, our anniversary, or Valentine's Day were all occasions for him to buy me a dozen red roses or a big bouquet of mixed flowers and present them to me. It made me feel special and loved, and I enjoyed his romantic ways. That was, until he passed away suddenly in September of 2022.

Valentine's Day of 2023 was coming up soon and I thought to myself, "Well, I guess there won't be any more roses for me ever again from Alex." It was a sad thought.

But then I got a call from Alex's welding assistant, Edgar. He wanted to bring me a gift that the students had made for me, and could I meet him in Weslaco?

I waited for him, and when Edgar arrived and got out of the car I was totally in shock. Alex's welding students had made me a bouquet of iron roses -13 to be exact. They never knew what I had been thinking earlier in the week. BUT GOD DID.

Maybe the roses are not red, and maybe they don't smell like fresh roses, but they have a heavenly fragrance that God knew just what I needed... one more bouquet of roses from Alex. These will last forever. What an awesome reminder that GOD gives us the desires of our heart. Psalm 37:4 Thank You, Lord!

Suzanne Soto

La Feria, Texas

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