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Updated: Mar 29

Have you been praying for someone for a long time and there seems to be no change in the person? Or maybe you prayed for someone and the prayer was immediately answered. The latter is exactly what happened to Martha when she worked at the university. Martha prayed. God answered. But where the answer took place was not where Martha expected.

Several years ago, Martha shared, “I had always prayed for my colleagues, but it wasn’t until I attended (LIFE) training seminar that I learned how to reach out to my co-workers by using some specific 'harvesting tools'. The tools enabled me to purposely pray scripturally for 5 colleagues to be my “Hi 5” -- five pre-Christian educators I came in contact with and said 'hi' to on a daily basis.

Soon after this meeting, I wrote down the names of 5 co-workers for whom I would commit to pray. I started praying for these individuals and about a week later, I saw God’s hand move. I was in my office when one of the office clerks came in asking me to accompany her to the restroom. There we found another office clerk who was experiencing a terrible stomachache. This lady asked me to pray for her so the pain would go away. As I started to pray for her, I asked her if she had given her life to Jesus Christ. She stated that she was not sure of the meaning of my question; however, she was willing to do it if I explained to her what that meant. Then, there in the restroom, she received the Lord. She was full of questions and I could see the evidence of a thirst to know more about our Lord. I knew that the specific prayer I had prayed for her had been answered."

“Devote yourselves to prayer, being watchful and thankful.” Colossians 4:2

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