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Updated: Mar 29

They weigh down our purses and pockets, are dismissed by most vending machines, and rattle around in our vacuum cleaners. We never have enough when we need them. Yet, what do we do when the glint of a grubby one on the sidewalk catches our eye?  Do we stop and pick it up or pass it by? 

I used to be that grubby penny at the school where I taught. My world was falling apart due to marriage problems, sickly babies, and almost drowning financially. Angry and hurting inside, I was difficult to be around. Yes, I was that grimy penny on the school hallways that educators sometimes noticed, but passed on by. I felt worthless and of no value. But Betty, an authentic Christian on campus, noticed. Seeing the glint of a grubby penny (my hurting heart), she stopped and picked me up, befriending me. She and another colleague prayed daily for God to touch my life. Daily she reached out to me with kindness...a smile, encouraging and caring words, and acts of kindness. God used this kindness to draw me to Him which led me to repentance. (Rom. 2:4) And I became born again--a bright, shiny, new penny. 

Maybe you know someone who may feel like a grubby penny? God may use you and your kindness to help him/her become bright, shiny, and new. Will you be a "Penny Picker-Upper"?

"...the kindness of God leads you to repentance..." Romans 2:4


"Are You A Penny Picker-Upper" by Myrna Brogdon is found in Book 7, Day 30: GOD STORIES And More... Click on the tab titled, GOD STORIES, on this website to read more true stories found in Books 1-7: GOD STORIES And More.


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