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Barking Dogs

Updated: Mar 29

In 1976 I became the pastor of a small denominational church in south Texas. I was a young man (27) and it was my first church to pastor. Being raised in a pastor's home I was so excited about pastoring my first church.

After the first couple of years, the honeymoon stage had come to an end. The people had gotten to know me and I them. Like so often when the honeymoon is over each party begins to take the other for granted. I am sure I was guilty of this as well as many of the parishioners. I was frustrated with them as much as they were with me and things begin to be said and done that weren’t pleasant. Being a young pastor I called my dad one day looking to receive some encouragement. Of course, I told him my side and how I was being treated, and some of the things the people were saying about me. I was so hoping that he would understand and would speak some words that would encourage and calm me down. The conversation on the phone was very brief. He listened patiently and when I had finished pouring out my grips and complaints about the people and how I was being treated he answered with only a few words. He said, “Son if the mailman could be stopped by every barking dog he would never get the mail delivered.” Then he hung up the phone.

I will never forget that day and those words. I have wanted to quit many times since but when I do these words come back to me. I was chosen by God to deliver the good news. And there is no place in that calling for quitting.

I have since learned that all Christ-followers are to be ministers who share the love of Christ. There is no place for quitting for we who are God’s children.

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