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Updated: Mar 29

We were so excited to be able to travel to Paris! But our excitement was dampened when our flight from Ft Wayne to Chicago was canceled with no other departure options available the rest of the day. Realizing our need to make a connection with our travel group in Paris the following day, we asked the lady at the counter about outbound flights from Indianapolis to Paris. There happened to be one routed through Dulles International Airport in Washington D.C., so we opted for that flight, though we barely had enough time to make the drive to Indianapolis.

However, since we had to change airlines in order to get a flight out of Indianapolis, there was no flight number or gate information for our flight from Dulles Airport to Paris. We were simply told to check the overhead monitor at Dulles. When we arrived in Washington D.C. and got to the correct terminal, everything was dark, even the electronic flight monitors. Time was ticking and we knew our flight would be leaving soon. Panic set in when we could not find a single soul in the darkened corridors to provide information about our flight number or which gate we were to be at. We feared that we would miss our flight and not be able to connect with our group once in Paris.

At this point, Kathy said, “Let’s just PRAY that God will provide someone to show us the way!” What a novel idea! Why hadn’t we thought to do that earlier?! As soon as we finished praying, out of the shadows appeared a man who told us exactly where we needed to go to find our gate. Praising the Lord for His provision, we ran to our gate with only moments to spare and boarded our plane exhausted and amazed at how faithful God is in our time of need when we think to pray.

“Casting all your care upon Him; for He cares for you.” 1 Peter 5:7

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