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Updated: Mar 29

In the 1980s one evening at a church leaders’ meeting, the pastor gave direction to all the church leaders to seek the Lord as to His role for each couple in the Body of Christ.

Myrna diligently fasted, prayed and read God’s word seeking the Lord to hear from Him, but due to work and other matters, I (Gayle Brogdon) was unable to do so right then. After three days of seeking God, Myrna declared that the Lord had shown her, but she’d wait until I personally heard from Him. We knew that what He’d say to one He’d confirm it with the other. So, I walked into the garage, prayed and came back into the house after five minutes later saying, “Okay. I know.”

Unbelieving, Myrna inquired with a smirk, “So, God answered in 5 minutes?” I could tell she thought I was going to give her an off the wall answer, but I solemnly replied, “Watchman!” With a shocked look Myrna meekly replied, “You really did hear in five minutes. ‘Watchman’ is what He said to me, too.”

Humbly we both knew that the Lord had confirmed our calling and would have us on the wall to watch, pray and sound the alarm. We “saw” and continue to “see” the world’s evil condition, the spiritual state of people, the apathetic and complacent condition of many Christians in not reaching out to others with the love of Jesus Christ nor sharing the Good News. And God revealed how to turn those negatives we “see” into His positive solutions.

In 1985 our pastor asked us to help start an educators’ ministry which confirmed what God had already shown us. Therefore, we equipped Christian educators on how to live their faith at school (educator to educator). Over 2000 educators received Christ as Savior. Then the Lord expanded our vision to see beyond just educators, but to everyone everywhere.

In 2022 the Lord had ordinary people share their stories about what an extraordinary God had done in their lives. That turned into the gospel tool, GOD STORIES And More booklets, with Christians giving them to others and asking God to change the recipients’ lives. Within a few months 8,000 booklets were distributed in the USA, Kenya, Mexico, Japan, South Korea and the booklets translated to Spanish. In addition, Ron Corzine was added to the team for the social media aspect to help reach others worldwide with the love of Jesus Christ. As a result, he created the GOD Stories & More website,

If God has placed something in your heart now, today is the day to begin.

“Do not despise the day of small beginnings.” Zechariah 4:10

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