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Updated: Mar 29

Gideon-As with most men who become a Mighty Man of Valor, God finds us hiding on the threshing floor insecure and fearful. He calls out to us Mighty Warriors (those things which be not as though they were) as we see ourselves as the least in our clan and our clan as the least in the tribe. As we tell him we are fearful, can't speak well, and can't lead He works through all of our insecurities showing us His power with fleece wet, fleece dry, and the Midianites proclaiming their demise to Gideon from a dream. Then God strips a mighty army down to 300 men so He will get the glory and then defeats that enemy. I love Gideon because I relate to him so well. Most mighty men of valor become that way when they realize that they have nothing to offer and God fills them with everything they need to do what He has called them to do. He MADE them Mighty Men Of Valor in Bible times and He is still doing that in very ordinary men today.

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