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"Go see Louise!"

Updated: Mar 29

The Holy Spirit kept nudging me to visit my favorite 94 yr. old friend, Louise Gerber, who was a widow. Since Louise came to my mind, I reflected on the last time we visited a couple of weeks earlier in her room at the local nursing home in Bluffton, Indiana. When I left that day, I was so encouraged and felt so refreshed in the Lord. For you see, Louise had a way of making you feel so special and encouraged. I so dearly loved being in her presence.

Soon I stopped fondly reflecting on Louise as just an impression. "Go see Louise!" grew stronger and stronger that late Thursday afternoon on September 7, 2023. So I went. When I opened the door to her room, Louise was motionless in bed with her eyes closed, breathing through her opened mouth. Two people were sitting beside her bed. I was clueless as to Louise's current condition. When her daughter shared that hearing is the last thing to go, I realized Louise was dying. Moving close beside Louise, I shared briefly and softly with Louise, "My precious friend you're going to be with my Jesus before me." I thanked her daughter for allowing me to spend a few minutes with my favorite Indiana friend, Louise. When I left, I was so grateful that the Holy Spirit had nudged me to go see her on that specific day and time. The Lord knew how much she meant to me, and how I loved her and treasured her friendship. I will always cherish my memories of her and the godly wisdom she always shared each time we visited. For the next early morning on Friday, September the 8th, Louise moved gently into the loving arms of Jesus into her eternal home. We often sing that old hymn, “What A Friend We Have In Jesus,” and because of our shared love, faith, and friendship with Him we became wonderful friends. That friendship continues in the spirit from a distance because I think of her so often. Joy fills my heart knowing we will be together again in the future. Until then, know that I love you Lousie.

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