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Updated: Mar 29

We along with our children had waited as long as we could until we had to evacuate due to the hurricane heading our direction. Bumper to bumper cars lined the highway from our home to Corpus Christi and on the other side north of Corpus Christi the cars were moving less than 5 miles an hour.

We were driving north to San Antonio, Texas to find a place to stay. We had asked the Lord to provide a motel room, but soon learned there were no rooms available. Therefore, we decided to continue following the long line of cars towards Kerrville. At every motel many cars would stop and so would we to see if there were any rooms. The answer was always “No”.

Throughout the trip we were very positive that a room was waiting on us and kept thanking God saying, “Lord, we asked You to provide a room and we thank You there’s one ready for us. We know You are making a way where there seems to be no way.” Peace. We had great peace the entire time.

Upon arriving in Kerrville, Texas at 4am, we stopped at a motel and the manager told me there were no rooms available. Since I had been driving most of the day, I decided to visit with him. When the manager found out we were from the Brownsville area, he asked if we knew so and so. We didn’t. He continued, “I’ve been holding a room for them, but they never showed. You can have it. In addition, tomorrow there’s a free antique exhibition in the convention room.” GOD MADE A WAY!

“For nothing will be impossible with God.” Luke 1:37

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