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Updated: Mar 29

Because God loves us…and He’s crazy about us, He will employ ways to get our attention. He uses that small still voice within to speak to us. And one of the most common ways He’ll speak to us is through another person.

For instance, have you ever just been talking with someone (could be a friend…even a stranger), and you felt like they said EXACTLY what you needed to hear? Almost as if God was encouraging you straight through that person. Well, often, that’s God. And that’s precisely what happened to us.

Approximately three weeks ago a single, older lady texted us saying she’d like to meet with us to help her with her prayers…specifically praying about meeting a good Christian man. Not knowing about her walk with the Lord as to whether she was or was not born-again, we knew we couldn’t pray in agreement with her regarding her request without first addressing her spiritual condition and her walk with the Lord. We texted her saying we’d get back to her soon. Since we knew the Lord had the answer as to what to do or not do, we prayed asking the Lord specifically what He wanted regarding her.

On July 4th we had a couple over for lunch and while we were talking, the woman shared with us, “A close friend told me three weeks ago that she was going to contact you and ask to meet with you both to pray for her to get a Christian husband.” The woman continued saying I told my friend, “If you ask the Brogdons to pray for that, let me tell you they will first ask you about your salvation and then your daily walk with the Lord.” She even repeated all that to us at least two times strongly emphasizing what we would do.

We both smiled, and didn’t say a word to her about her comments, but inside said, “We hear You, Lord.” In fact, she didn’t even know that God spoke through her to give His answer to us. But we knew that God answered our prayer telling us specifically what to do!

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