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Updated: Mar 29

After taking a very large pay cut to pursue my dream job, my wife and I were faced with the simple task of buying “back to school” supplies for our three young children. My wife gave me the list on a Friday night and we needed $50.00 in supplies for our three children. After paying bills, we literally did not have a dime left.

On Saturday, our son was playing youth football and the whole family was to go. I passed and told my family that I had something else to do. After they all left the house, I fell apart. I was a failure as a father and as a husband. I wept. I wondered why the Lord would allow me to get this job if I would end up not being able to provide for my family. I was broken. Instead of getting to the point of anger, I got out my Bible and read verses about God’s provision. I realized that He alone could provide. I just did not know how. I hit my knees and asked Him to meet this need for my family.

Just a few minutes after giving it to the Lord, my wife, and children came walking through the door. They were all so excited so I asked them what was going on. That is when they explained that after the game, they sat on the sidelines of the field talking and before they knew it they were the only ones left. Since everyone was gone, they decided to walk across the middle of the football field in a direct path to the car. While they were walking across the field, my wife looked down, and there, laying on the grass, was a $50.00 bill! On the 50-yard line! I could not believe it!! God had provided in a special way for my family! We immediately grabbed the school supplies list, went to the store, and bought everything that they needed. The cashier rang it all up and the total was just a few cents less than $50.00! What an amazing God who loves us and provides for our needs!

“But my God shall supply all your need according to his riches

in glory by Christ Jesus.” Philippians 4:19

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