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Updated: Mar 29

Yea! It was almost time to retire. After living in the mountains of New Mexico for 10 years where the winters were cold, we were ready to move to the Valley of Texas where it was warm all year. Oh, sandals and capris!

 We bought our older white frame dream home on five acres in Harlingen a year before our retirement. Every other month we would take a long weekend from work and pull a trailer load of furniture and other household items to the Valley.


One month before our retirement, our yard man who had taken care of our yard for a year called to say that our house had been broken into. He boarded up the doors for us. When we arrived, it was evident that our appliances, household furniture, and keepsakes had been stolen.


I was so angry about what had been stolen from us and sad about the items taken. Neighbors had seen nothing so police had no lead of suspects. I fussed and fumed daily about the fact that someone had no respect for our property and would have stolen from us.


I had been asking God to show me how I could turn loose of my anger and hurt. A few months went by and I was still angry and still praying for God’s help. One Sunday in church the congregation was repeating the Lord’s Prayer as we did each week. As we repeated the phrase, “Forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us” I thought of my trespassers. God said to me, “You can pray for them. You can pray that they will come to know Jesus’ love and forgiveness.”


All these 20 years later when God brings this to my mind occasionally, I still pray that they have found or will find Jesus’ love and forgiveness.

“Never stop praying, especially for others.” Ephesians 6:18a



"How Do I Forgive" by Jan Faught is found in Book 7, Day 28: GOD STORIES And More... Click on the tab titled, GOD STORIES, on this website to read more true stories found in Books 1-7: GOD STORIES And More.


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