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I Am Your Provider...

Updated: Mar 29

Philippians 4:19 serves as a personal promise we can hold onto when life's journey brings challenges and we find ourselves in a place we don't understand, without provision. Jehovah-Jireh, the Lord, our provider, gives us what we need.

Even though the Lord had so many times provided monetarily for us miraculously, I (Gayle) found myself inwardly troubled and trying to figure it all out by myself as to how we’d have enough money for the upcoming 2022 summer months that would include major expenditures. “There’s NOT enough!” I related to Myrna, who replied, “God will provide.” Even though I knew what she said was true, I hadn’t sought the Lord and continued in my own efforts to reason it all out.

After a while, Myrna, who had been cooking, came into the den showing me a text message on her phone that was for me. As we were chatting, we heard a LOUD “BEEEPPPP! BEEEPPPP! BEEEPPPP! The smoke detector was going off. Flames were shooting to the ceiling and surrounding areas in the kitchen. The oil in the skillet had caught fire after Myrna got distracted by the text message and forgot she had turned the stove on high.

After what seemed like an eternity, but it probably was only 15 min., I smothered the fire. As a result, heavy black smoke and soot bellowed throughout the entire house. The immense loss and cost to remodel the house loomed up in front of our eyes. “Help us, Lord!” was our cry.

During the three-month restoration and remodeling process, all expenditures were covered by the insurance company, without any hassles, plus additional unexpected monies came in for us to use however we needed. Those monies exceeded the amount needed for the upcoming summer expenditures. Once again, Jehovah-Jireh (our provider) turned around for good what was meant for evil and said, “There is enough! I AM YOUR PROVIDER!”

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