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Lesson Learned...

Updated: Mar 29

 I was at the ER all night (several years ago). Why?

Having turned off the lights to head to the bedroom and knowing the way so well, I walked across our den in total darkness to turn on the hall light. I misjudged the distance and fell hard into a glass cabinet shattering it.

My piercing screams woke my hubby, Gayle. He found me amid enormous spiked glass shards. Carefully, but quickly he helped me up and out of the broken glass. Since I'm on a blood thinner, the deep cut in the knuckle of my index finger bled profusely.

Six hours and 9 stitches later, I made it to our bedroom. 

LESSON LEARNED: Walking in the light is better than walking in darkness...both in the natural and the spiritual. 

Myrna Brogdon

Los Fresnos, Texas

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