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Lord, Hear My Cry!

Updated: Mar 29

My daughter and her husband went from their home in San Antonio to Dallas for Thanksgiving with his family.  Ruth, my daughter, called to tell me they were having a wonderful time, in spite of feeling quite ill.  Ruth has been Type I Diabetic for 40 years. The day after Thanksgiving, my daughter went to the emergency room with Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS).  This, after two years of extremely hard health issues.  Several hospitalizations, near amputation of her foot, debilitating neuropathy, and now this.  How much could my precious daughter endure? She was taken directly to ICU in Dallas where she was brought back from the threshold of death at least 5 times.  She was in ICU for eight weeks.  Soon after, she was transferred to San Antonio, Texas via ambulance.  She is now in an acute care facility, still on oxygen, gradually regaining muscle strength with therapy and gradually learning how to catch her breath when her oxygen levels drop.  She has been hospitalized 13 weeks at this point.


Here is what God did in this: I have been a Christian for 67 of my 76 years. Yet, this evil attack on my peace, sent me to a place of despair.  I could not sleep, could not have joy, could not give thanks.  Three weeks ago, I was driving into the local grocery store parking lot. As I turned in, a primal almost animal-like cry rose up out of my chest.  Tears flowed out of my eyes as if someone had opened a faucet.  I cried “God! You just HAVE to save my daughter! I have trusted you yet I see no change!  I am begging you to heal my daughter!  PLEASE! LET HER LIVE!  I regained my composure, went in and did my grocery shopping.  My heart had opened wide and I finally let the Lord see and hear my pain. Shortly after that, we started to see my daughter gain strength.  At this point one lung is healed and the other will be as well.  I just know it!!

Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding.” Proverbs 3:5

Neida Ruth Soto-Grantland

Brownsville, Texas

Book 7, Day 23

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Because HE LIVES, We can face tomorrow


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