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A large check from a recent home remodeling job I did was returned due to insufficient funds. So, I tried to approach the owner, a former marine, about it, but the inebriated owner began cursing obscenities while at the same time trying to punch me in the nose. When I leaned as far backward as I could to avoid the blow, the 400 lb. owner missed and fell to the ground, ending up in the hospital.

Feeling an urging from the Holy Spirit to go to the hospital to tell the owner I forgave him, I went. The owner yelled angrily and spewed obscenities. So, I left, knowing I had forgiven the man and had tried to make amends even though I never got paid for that job.

At that time, I had no jobs and no income. Then out of nowhere, I received several unexpected jobs nearby in a countryside area. I knew the Lord had provided that income that greatly exceeded the amount I had lost from the last job where I didn’t get paid. God had worked everything out for good (Rom. 8:28). Plus, I was able to add a new skill. Some of the jobs included mending fences, which I had never done before, but quickly learned how and liked it more than what I had been doing. So, I put MENDIN FENCIN on my truck as my business sign.

I realized that name, MENDIN FENCIN, is so perfect. Not only am I now MENDIN FENCIN in the natural for a living, but I have also done MENDIN FENCI IN in my heart spiritually to clear any unforgiveness of years gone by.

What about you? Do you need MENDIN FENCIN in your heart, today?

Al and Kathy Carroll

Brookshire, Texas

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