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Updated: Mar 29

One sunny summer afternoon, my wife, Bonnie, was in an innertube holding our 9-month-old daughter, Sherri, in the farm pond. At the age of 21, I saw what looked like a great opportunity to have some fun! I quietly swam out to the innertube which was holding my wife and baby to scare them. Well, it backfired on me!! Bonnie was so scared that she threw Sherri into the pond. Then, I was scared!! I went underwater immediately to find Sherri. I thought my lungs would burst before I would find her when all of a sudden, I got ahold of her little leg! I brought her up and she just giggled, but we all went up to the shore and Bonnie and I just cried. Little did I know that by July 31, 1964, there would be many more tears, because Bonnie passed away a week after her heart surgery. As sad as that was, God very graciously provided a second wife, Jane, for me. Praise the Lord!!

Years later, I heard someone say that he was desperate to see the lost come to Christ. I then wondered if I’ve ever been that desperate to see the lost come to Christ and all of a sudden, I remembered the time in the farm pond, and YES!! I was desperate to find Sherri in the same way we should desperately want others to be saved.

“who desires for all men to be saved and come to the knowledge of the truth.”

1 Tim. 2:4-6

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