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Updated: Mar 29

I had finished my grocery shopping for the week and the bag boy was putting the bags into the trunk of my car.  We were standing there when suddenly a truck began roaring through the parking lot, driving erratically, bumping into cars.    It was coming closer to us, then suddenly it crashed into the next car to where I was standing.  I was caught in between the two vehicles.  The neighboring car ran over my foot and then bounced off.  My sandals had tire marks on them!  


The Police came and the EMS.  I did go to the clinic to have x-rays made and miraculously I had no broken bones or injuries...not even my foot had been run over!!  I was just dazed and sore.

The truck continued its random ride and finally was stopped at a curb.  Mystery solved.  A dad had left his young son in the truck while he ran into the store.  I guess the kid thought it was time for an adventure. 


♫Angels watching over me my Lord♪♫     Matthew 18:10

Sandy Green

Harlingen, Texas

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