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Updated: Mar 29

A Bangladeshi friend of ours came to the States to visit her son where he is attending school in Cedarville, Ohio! My husband, Tim, and I were visiting his mother in Ohio. I had brought only four sets of the inspiring GOD STORIES And More books 1, 2, 3 from our Texas home, and one set I had placed in a gift bag to give to someone. I prayed that the Lord would lead me to that person. We had no idea our Bangladeshi friend was in the States, much less in Ohio and at the same time we are here!

So, we drove three-four hours to meet her and her son. She felt extremely special to know we had driven a long way to see them. As we were leaving, I gave her the gift bag; her excitement was unreal as she saw the books and browsed through them. She said she loves to read testimonials. I was thrilled to see the joy in her face! I explained about the stories in the books and encouraged her to start "their own God Stories" in the Bangladeshi school. I pray the teachers and staff will also have a desire placed in their hearts to translate the books into their language and share them. Tim who works in that school will be returning to Bangladesh in January; I hope I'll be able to join him. I'm excited to see their accomplishments with the "God Stories."

In addition, when we traveled recently to Peru, I handed out GOD STORIES booklets to our tour guides.

ONLY GOD could make the above connections and the timing plus the answer to my prayer about who to give the gift bag to...ONLY GOD could do all this! ONLY GOD!

Ludi Snyder

Brownsville, Texas

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