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Our Desires Are In the Heart Of God

Updated: Mar 29

In the early years of our ministry here in Mexico, I had a desire but had no money.  I had decided to decorate our bedroom in our rental home when we moved to Mexico but money was very tight so I saved until I had enough for some simple changes that would be fresh, bright, and cheap.  I wanted the room to be melon color and beige.  So, I bought the material and made curtains.  Then I found a melon color bedspread and bought that.  Now for wall decorations.  I found two frames in melon color; boy was I excited.  An idea came to me to look at greeting cards to see if I could find a card with a scripture on it but the card would have to be beige and melon color.  Can you believe it?  The first place I looked for cards THERE WAS THE CARD!  Beautiful card in melon and beige and with a scripture.  So, I bought it and continued to look for the 2nd. card that would go in the matching frame.  But I never could find another card.  So here is my newly decorated room with both frames on the wall, but one frame was empty.


For over 6 months, every time we were in the States I would look for another card but never found one.  I keep suggesting to the Lord that there was a match to my card and I sure would love to receive it or buy it, to complete my decorations. Another few months went by and Bobby had to make a trip to the border.  He returned and brought in mail.  He handed me an envelope from my niece who had never written me before (or never wrote me again).  I opened the envelope excited to get mail in a foreign country and to hear from family.  When I pulled out the card, there it was, MY MATCHING CARD! Yes, the exact size, melon color, and beige, and with a different scripture on the front.  After shouting and dancing around for a while I read the card.  God not only brought me good news from family but He gave me the desires of my heart when my niece (led by God) found the only match to my card!  THIS IS THE LOVE OF A FATHER!

“Delight yourself also in the Lord, and He shall give you the desires of your heart.” Psalm 37:4


Bobby and Lynn Crow


CD. Victoria, Tam. Mexico


"Our Desires Are In The Heart Of God" is found in Book 7, Day 13: GOD STORIES And More... Click on the tab titled, GOD STORIES, on this website to read more true stories found in Books 1-7: GOD STORIES And More.


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