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Praising the Lord!

I was returning home on a Thursday afternoon and I ran over a piece of metal pipe on the road.  I tried to avoid it but traffic was heavy and I could not change lanes.  The metal pipe made a horrible sound as it hit the undercarriage. Thoughts raced through my mind of possible damage to my vehicle: punctured oil pan, transmission, tires, etc.   As I continued to drive the only thing I noticed was a loud muffler sound. 

The mechanic confirmed that there was a hole in the muffler. It was Friday and the only muffler shop that could check my car was closing in two hours.  I drove the twenty miles hoping my car would not need a new muffler.  The mechanic checked the car and gave me good news. The muffler needed a patch welded and it would take fifteen minutes to fix. He charged me a small fee and I gave him a tip and two GOD STORIES booklets for fixing my car.  I drove home praising the Lord for protecting me and my vehicle and for the opportunity to share God's Word.


“For He will command his angels concerning you to guard you in all your ways.” Psalm 91:11


Maria Ellwood

Santa Maria, Texas

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