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My daughter has a very demanding job as the CFO of a university. During times when deadlines are looming or important financial report for Board Meetings are to be presented, she’ll often ask me to “remember her” in prayer that day. Being a mother and an intercessor, it’s my privilege to pray. Recently her simple request was “Mother, I’d sure appreciate your prayers tomorrow.”

The first thing I did early next morning was to say a prayer for her. Little later while having a quiet cup of coffee, I had the impression "Pray now”. So, I prayed, casually glanced up at my kitchen clock and saw it was 7:55. Morning went along and again at 9:25am came "Pray now.” As I prayed, I heard my voice say “Lord, please put a rod in her back that she may stand straight and tall, speak calmly and assuredly.” That struck me as a funny prayer - “A ROD in her back?” At the end of the day she called. I said, “How was your day?”

She said “Well, the one at 8am was a big one and it went okay; but I was dreading the presentation of the challenging budget report. I could tell that I was anxious! Let me tell you the strangest thing, right before I was to present, I had a strong wave of confidence wash over me and I stood up straighter and gave that report in a calm, strong voice. It was really something, Mom!”

I quietly asked, “What time was that meeting?” She answered “9:30am”. I silently held the phone, just smiled and thought “How awesome are you, Holy Spirit, to send “Pray now.” at just the right times!

Betty Thompson

Plainview, Texas

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