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Years ago my husband, Jim and I went with some of our church congregation to San Antonio to a Bible Conference. I always loved going to San Antonio because it is a Military Town with several Bases. Being retired Air Force people, I loved going to the Bases to shop at the BX (Base Exchange). Before the conference, we went to Randolph AFB and although I wasn't feeling the best, I joyfully, but slowly, pushed my cart through the store. Jim noticed that I was struggling and huffing and puffing. I needed to sit!! It didn't take him long to insist that we leave and head to the Base Infirmary.

Once there and presenting my symptoms, the Dr ordered an X-ray of my lungs. When I saw that film, it was a no brainer.... The Dr ordered me to get to a hospital immediately. My heart was so enlarged that it covered the entire screen of my lung X-ray. Major Congestive Heart Failure!!

It was decided the best place for me was Brook Army Medical as it was the closest. I went by ambulance.

After a week of tests and prods, probes, and transfusions, the Dr wanted to take of piece of heart for study. I refused to give them my heart (after all, that's where Jesus lives) and that's when the team of doctors came in to discuss a heart transplant possibility. What?!! No way.!! We called on the church members still at the Bible Conference, as well as my Pastor brother who lives in nearby New Braunfels to come pray over me.

It didn't take long for them to dismiss me, my heart intact.

To this day, my heart is regularly checked with an Echocardiogram. All is still well. Praise God.

Sandy Green

Harlingen, Texas

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