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The Clay and the Potter

I don’t consider myself an artist.  In fact, my artistic ability is pretty elementary.   But God had other plans for my hands.  I was in the process of recovering from the death of my husband. 

Life as I had known it suddenly became very different.  I took solace in knowing that God was with me during this season of readjustment.  I believe that as a means of healing God was instilling in me the ability to be “artistic”.   At church, God would show me visions of things, or I would get impressions, or scriptures that would be dropped into my spirit.  Then I would go home and draw them out and put them in a notebook with a date.  It was months of drawings that I have collected.  During this time of drawing the pictures, it was amazing to me that God would work through my hands to create what He had shown me in my mind’s eye.  The drawings were beyond what I was capable of doing in the natural.  A process of healing was taking place as God would speak to me through these drawings.  They were definitely God’s creative work, and I was just a vessel to be used by Him.  

Jeremiah 18:6 says, “Look, as the clay is in the potter’s hand, so are you in My hand, O house of Israel!”  So don’t underestimate what God can do in and through you.  You just have to be flexible. 

Suzanne Soto

La Feria, Texas

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