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Updated: Mar 29

In July of 2015, I (Bobby Crow) had one of the greatest miracles God has ever done for me (a Missionary for 45 years in Cd. Victoria, Tam. Mexico) take place on the highway from Matamoros, Tamps. Mexico to Cd. Victoria, Tamps. There was a Missionary woman that was living here in Cd. Victoria and she were moving out of the country and she needed a ride to the States. So, I agreed to give her, her dog and a young girl, and all their luggage a ride to Brownsville, Texas. When we arrived, I got her in touch with people that could help her to buy a vehicle to take her back to her home in the United States.

I left her at the dealership and started heading back to Cd. Victoria. As I'm driving down the highway, I'm listening to gospel music and then I felt a sudden urge to pray in tongues! (Holy Spirit) So, I just began to pray! I'm driving down the Mexican highway, praying in tongues, not knowing the danger that was waiting ahead.

I had been praying in the Spirit for about 30 minutes and as I topped a little hill I see a vehicle, a pickup over to the side and there were four young men (drug cartel guys) and they all had automatic rifles! They started waving at me telling me to stop! I'm an older man and I certainly didn't want to take orders from kids, even if they had rifles, so I sped up! As I passed them, one of them shot the back tire of my truck and it was starting to come apart. Then they jumped in their truck and started chasing me. I had to slow down because my tire was coming apart, so they pulled up beside me still trying to get me to stop. Do you want to know what I did next? I took my truck and I slammed it into the side of their truck! I was taking both vehicles across the highway to a ditch. As I'm doing this, I look to my side at the truck window and there were two AK-47s pointing at my head! At this point, I thought: "Okay, I'll stop."

When I stopped my truck, one guy came over with his rifle and hit my window hard with the butt of the rifle but it didn't break. (a miracle) One guy opened my door and drug me out to the back of my truck, and one guy started screaming and cussing in Spanish and telling me to get into their truck. He shot into the ground in front of me still telling me to get into their truck. I just stood there, looking at him and something came over me!

I looked at the boy, I pointed my finger at him, and in Spanish, I said: "NO, EN EL NOMBRE DE JESUCRISTO!" In other words, "NO, IN THE NAME OF JESUS CHRIST!" Then another young guy came up from behind and grabbed me by my shirt, pulling my shirt so hard that the pen I always have in my pocket punched a hole in my shirt, BUT HE COULDN'T MOVE ME! I believe those guys realized something supernatural was happening because they began to back away from me.

Three of the guys continued to yell and try to get me in their truck but I continued to say; "NO, EN EL NOMBRE DE JESUCRISTO!" Then they got in their truck and went one way and another guy took my truck and went in another direction. They left me standing on the side of the highway.

Praise God a couple stopped as I was waving and they gave me their cell phone to call my family to say I was ok. When all this started at the beginning, I called our son Jeremy and told him what was happening and left the phone on in the truck, so when he heard the shots and never heard me speak again, he thought I was dead.

So, Jeremy, men from our church, and the State Policemen (that attended our church) all jumped in vehicles and came up to the military checkpoint where the couple had dropped me off. Because of a tracking device on my truck, Jeremy knew where my truck was so the State and Military officers took us back up into country roads an hour away and we finally found my truck! The bad guys had left, the truck was stripped and it was in the repair shop for 4 months but Praise God, I got my truck back, and let me tell you something that someone asked me later. "Does it help to pray in tongues? Yes, it helped me that day and I’m still alive to tell the story!"

Bobby and Lynn Crow CD. Victoria, Tam. Mexico

"The Lord says, I will rescue those who love me. I will protect 
those who trust in my name.” Psalm 91:14

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