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These Are The Good Old Days...

Updated: Mar 29

I can be as guilty as anyone when it comes to wishing for the good old days. It seems that we are constantly wanting things to be better than they are. And that in itself is not a wrong or a bad thing. There may be occasions where we pause to thank God for our present circumstances, but we often feel compelled to always want more as if being satisfied with life as it is would be less than sincere or a far cry from what is possible to experience. That may be true on some level, but maybe we could relax a bit and realize that today is the only day we really have to enjoy what God has given us and that yesterday is gone and tomorrow and what we long or hope for seems like it will never arrive. Look! I’m all for improving our circumstances, and it's noble to pursue excellence. Still, maybe there is a perfection of heart that allows us to be pleased with life even though we are a little overweight or we didn’t put the trash out for pickup or we missed our favorite show, or even got too busy for devotions this morning. It’s not a matter of not caring about people, things, and responsibilities. It is, however, learning to live carefree though not carelessly. In this way, we stop long enough to smell the roses, play with the grandkids, and laugh in an imperfect world. It’s not about living in a dream world but appreciating our lives at this present moment. What really gives glory to God is when we understand that these are the good old days.

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