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Updated: Mar 29

Let me tell you what happened today. We were having lunch at cheesecake factory and all of a sudden, the hostess is seating a lady in a wheelchair right next to us. However, there is really not room to accommodate her. I asked if I can move the table closer to the empty seat. She was by herself and that worked fine.

She was obviously a bit frustrated and in tears at how the staff just kind of thoughtlessly seated her there without much care. We started talking because she was upset. A little older lady. She mentioned that it was her first day trying to navigate with the wheelchair. I shared my story about my mom being blind and how I am mindful of handicap accommodations because of that. Anyway, we chatted a little and went back to finish our lunch while she looked at menu

Before we left, I just felt like blessing her. I had $50 cash left in my wallet and a Book 5 GOD STORIES And More…Showers of Blessings booklet in my purse. I asked Todd and he said it was OK with him. So, I asked her if she would allow me to bless her. She said oh yes, you want to pray for me? I shared the book and told her that I had written a few stories that would encourage her. She accepted and asked if I would sign it! I said yes! I told her, I also want to buy your lunch and gave her all the money I had. Then I asked if I could pray. We were both in tears as I took her hand and prayed for her. I said I want you to have a good day! It was such an unexpected divine appointment! Todd was also very touched and we were in tears. I said I wanted to treat her the way I would have wanted someone to treat my mom.

Leigh Aten

Brownsville, Texas

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