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Updated: Apr 28

When I first received GOD STORIES And More booklets, I enjoyed reading the short testimonies of what God has done for others. Every time I read or hear a testimony, it causes my faith to increase. We all need encouragement! This is something I enjoy sharing with others! Here are a few ways I have shared or hope to share these booklets:

1. Mail them to family and friends. 

Ex. I recently sent a few to a former colleague with a coupon for a free dozen doughnuts and a note to have a great day!

 2. Hand them to panhandlers at the stoplight. 

Ex. I recently said, "I only have a couple dollars to give you. Would you like some good news? Here's a story of God's faithfulness!"

3. Leave them on the hotel nightstand before you check out with a $20 bill placed inside like a bookmark.

4. Place inside goodie bags/baskets to give on any event or holiday. Teacher's Appreciation, Bosses Day, Secretaries Day, Nurse's Day, etc.

5. Honor local law enforcement and firefighters with a meal or snacks and include some GOD STORIES booklets and Rack Cards.Place inside a care package going to family or friends in college, the military or jail.

6. Mail to any family or friends who have experienced a recent loss of loved ones with a card.

7. Include with gifts for expectant mothers at their baby showers.

8. Place inside a care package going to family or friends in college, the military or jail.

9. Read to any friends or family in the hospital.

10. Share on any of your social media pages with a link to the webpage and/or the QR code which takes you to Books 1-7: GOD STORIES booklets (English/Spanish) to download and read online

11. Use the Rack Cards to make goodie bags with a few little snacks. Hand out throughout your day at the drive thru, Doctor office, bank tellers, car wash, wherever your day takes you. I just say, "Here's a gift for you! Have a wonderful day!" The recipient can read the testimony on the Rack Card. They can also scan the QR code that will take them to the website with all the stories in English and Spanish!

Because we are all called to share the good news, I'm sure the Lord will place people on your heart. I know He has placed people on mine. He will also give you creative ways to share. Ask Him to open your eyes to those opportunities!

"Lift up your eyes, and look on the fields; for they are white already to harvest." John 4:35

Leigh Aten

Brownsville, Texas


The 7 booklets in English/Spanish can be read on this website under the tab God Stories.




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