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What Christmas Means To Me...

Updated: Mar 29

Many of my fondest childhood memories occured during the Christmas season. I love everything about Christmas and look forward to decorating the tree, eating all my favorite calorie laden holiday treats, singing carols, attending holiday gatherings, watching themed hoiiday Hallmark movies, and reliving time-honored traditions with family and friends. I inherited my love for Christmas from my father, William Wrench. My dad adored all the “worldly” holiday traditions and was responsible for ensuring that each holiday season was magical. I would often get caught up in the magic of the holidays (as many children do), however, my father never allowed me to lose sight of the true meaning of Christmas…the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Christmas is a time for believers to focus on the birth of Jesus and to reflect and rejoice in knowing that because of his birth, death and resurrection we are forgiven of our sins and have been granted the gift of eternal life. As I look forward to commemorating another glorious Christmas season with friends and family, I plan on spending some time reflecting on the best gift I have ever been given, a relationship with Jesus Christ.

Dr. Marva O’Neal

Richmond, Texas

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