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Christmas is that special time of year when I try to look past and put all of the commercialism out of my mind and just dwell on the “Most wonderful gift ever given to mankind”. We can celebrate that time of year even if it may not even be the actual day Christ was born by enjoying family time together and sharing His love with each other.

We went through a very difficult time some years ago as our oldest daughter Rochelle was going through much emotional turmoil and hadseparated herself from our family. Those were very difficult times to celebrate much of anything. But praise be to our Great God, He touched her soul and mind.  After four years of many prayers from so many loving Brothers, Sisters, and friends, Rochelle came back to us healed and with a new zeal for Christ!! We then enjoyed five years as a complete family again, sharing many joyful times together. Then December 13, 2021, God decided to take Rochelle to her heavenly home. That year was a VERY difficult Christmas. But the joy we have knowing that she had returned to Christ and her Heavenly Father before she went home is the best Christmas gift next to our Savior coming to earth to redeem us.

“Oh Lord, Great and Awesome God, who keeps His covenant and mercy withthose who love Him, and with those who keep His commandments.” Daniel 9:4

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