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Who? Who? Who?

While entering the restaurant my eyes scanned the room, looked at the people and quietly inquired inside myself, “Who? Lord, Who?”


It was Friday, May 3, 2024 and Gayle and I had been gifted a two-night stay in a hotel in Portland, Texas. Since it was close to lunch and one of our favorite restaurants was about 22 minutes from the hotel, we drove to Sinton, Texas. Before getting out of the car, we checked (like we usually do) to make sure we had GOD STORIES booklets and/or Rack Cards with us to be prepared when God opens a door of opportunity. During our daily morning devotional time, we humbly asked the Lord to lead us that day to the ones He wants to minister to, open our eyes to see the people spiritually the way Jesus does, and help us move with a heart of compassion towards others (Matt. 9:36-37). That day started no different than any other day. Yet there was an excitement in us for getting away and eating at the Butter Churn.


So, upon entering the restaurant and asking silently, “Who?”, I saw a woman with her back towards me paying the cashier. My eyes caught something written on her t-shirt. I squinted because the words were exceptionally small and blurry except for the word GOD. I thought, “Hmm…a Christian, Lord?” It seemed like the Holy Spirit was nodding towards her and nudging me. I thought, “But she’s busy checking out and aren’t you wanting someone who’s lost?”


As I was moving past her, suddenly she finished her transaction and I found myself holding out my hand towards her with a GOD STORIES Rack Card that had our oldest grandson Jacob Plattner’s testimony, “Rising Out of Addiction”. I started telling her that this card has a true, inspirational story of what God has done in, for, and through our grandson’s life and on the back of the card is my story, “Set Free”. Also, the QR code would take her to the website for more stories to download and read. All this time her finger was tapping while pointing at the word, “Addiction” on the card. I asked, “Would you like to have this card?”


She said, “Yes! I’m an Addiction Counselor and I’ll use it with my clientele!" Now that's God! What an amazing Divine connection!!! She (Linda) emailed me a week later expressing her gratitude for our meeting and the GOD STORIES Rack Card.

“When he saw the crowds, he had compassion on them, because they were

harassed and helpless, like sheep without a shepherd.” Matthew 9:36-37

Dear Friends,

We mention in the above God Story our grandson Jacob Plattner's testimony, "Rising Out of Addiction." It's NOW on our latest 4"x 9" Rack Card #3 (FREE) that's designed to encourage and bring hope to others.  

You can make a difference! Check it out!

To place an order, send an email to with the following information: Your Name, Address, Email, Phone Number, Rack Card Item Number(s), Quantity

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