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Updated: Mar 29

In over 50 years of ministry, I am not sure how many times I have said to individuals, “You will get through this.”

It's really not trite instruction. It's true.

We ALL are examples of having experienced that statement. We’ve come through many unpleasant things in our life. Could you just for a moment think of some of the worst things that have ever happened and you? You didn't plan on it but all of a sudden it's thrust upon you. I don’t want to spend a lot of time here but I assure you that you will get through whatever you are experiencing. The is no guarantee it will be easy or painless.


If it is a DIVORCE you’ll get through it. If it is the DEATH of a loved one, you’ll get through it but will never GET OVER IT.

But I promise you own good authority that whatever you're going through, if you'll hang in there you'll get through it.

I understand these are not comforting words at this moment. When you're going through something, these words don't bring a lot of comfort. They only serve you after you've come through it. It is then you are reminded of God's faithfulness. But still, you need to hear these words. The Bible is full of characters who demonstrate exemplify the fact that God is faithful and God will bring you through.

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